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Image Galleries of the WASSER-project

Click on the links below to open an image gallery of the different missions of the WASSER-project:


  • The WASSER project presented at Munich's Town Foundation Festival
    During Munich's Town Foundation Festival (june 14th-15th, 2008), the WASSER project was presented to the public:->Link to the gallery
  • Third well-drilling course, Batticaloa. April / Mai 2008
    During this third course, a pilot project for schools was started. The pupils were very interested, as you can see on the following pictures:->Link to the gallery
  • Project Meeting in Batticaloa and Kalmunai, May 2008
    The Mayor of Munich, Mr. Hep Monatzeder, Markus Spring and Mrs. Gabriele Spies visited the two municipalities recently
    ->Link to the gallery
  • Second Well-Drilling Course, Kalmunai. November 2007
    A second well-drilling course held by Wolfgang Buchner and Daniel Fenchel from EMAS in Kalmunai. ->link to the gallery
  • Midterm meeting, october 2007
    The Midterm meeting took place in October 2007 in Batticaloa and Kalmunai. See some pictures of theis event: ->link to the gallery
  • Munich Training Seminar, July 2007
    Representatives of both municipalities visited the Training Seminar in Munich in July 2007: ->link to the gallery
  • Networking meeting in Jakarta, april 2007
    The Commission of the EU organized a Networking Event in Jakarta. Representatives of all Asia Pro Eco IIB-projects presented their work here: ->link to the gallery
  • First well drilling course, march 2007
    Here are some impressive pictures of the first well-drilling course that took place in Batticaloa: ->link to the gallery





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